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In search of a lost homeland

In search of a lost homeland

It must be written in the stars
that my wondering heart and I
like two inseparable friends
like two souls condemned in hell
like two tiny gulls in a furious storm
drift forever from shore to shore
will forever in alien streets
search forever for a sympathetic soul
carrying some news of our distant land
and pester every passing stranger
with the same familiar question
How do we go back home?
We spend our dreary days and nights
in strange , unfamiliar streets
talking aimlessly to any passing stranger
How can I ever describe to you
the emptiness of our nights of separation
I would have welcomed an instant death
had it come but only once

(Translation of Urdu poem “Mere dil mere musaafir” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

The page is a part of Cool Bluez (2003)


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