Lost the key

Lost the key

I’ve thrown all your things away
from the first hi to the last goodbye
I don’t want to live even
thinking about you , all is gone now
away in a far room
if you come back and try to open the door
to ask me to consider and reconsider once more
I’m sorry to let you in
I’ve lost the key to the door
you may keep on knocking
and still never enter inside

You took my love for granted
thinking that I’ll wait for you
but I’ve thrown all of the memories
away in a far room
if you come back and try to ask me to let you in
for considering the love , to start the finished story once more
I’m sorry to let you know
I’ve lost the key to that ugly door
you may keep on standing
and still never get to move
an inch ahead even

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2004)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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Muhammad Wasif Haq : Speech Pathologist by profession; previously worked as a dentist, researcher and teacher. Fond of travelling, photography, writing, sharing knowledge and believing in hope, colours and dreams.


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