That rain

That rain

Often this cool spring wind
invites me to visit the heart’s memory lane
where every precious moment is preserved
and continues to stay fresh as for first time
can you hear the echo of rain drops
of that rain in which we confessed our love?
do you still remember being wet by the rain water
and laughing out loudly on life’s pleasant surprises
do you still cherish those moments of that rain?

Ask me and I will tell you that all the raindrops
fell from the sky to the earth to touch us, bless us
they came all the way to celebrate our love
so many times, my heart suddenly starts to recall your words
it brings laughter, it makes me young again
you’ve been so special
to give me the best moments of life
I still wonder how that rain brought a stranger to me
whom I used to watch everyday
but never knew that one day a walk in the rain
will be our wedding, will be our union
this is the story and history of our love
the tale of that rain which gave my life’s most precious gift

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (1998)
Peshawar, Pakistan
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