It’s so hard to accept
when everyone seems to be happy and alive except
the one who has tasted the bitter love
the one who is subjected to unjustified hate
being blamed for something that I never have done
how ruthless life can become
when I’m not even given one chance
to prove what they believe is wide of the mark
the trees where we wrote our names with promises to stay together
have been shattered by autumn, the leaves withered
everything that I had of you has vanished like the smoke in air
my name, my identity, my fame
all have gone
ever since the day life wrote a death song
this tune, this composition has brought me to tears

This stupid heart still seems to beat even now
wonder when everything stopped and came to end, what makes it go?
with a fire burning within it, I pretend to remain calm and quiet
walking towards another unwelcome tragedy
how selfish the world has become
I say how selfish the world has turned
that it gave me verdict of death
without even asking the truth about my life
my spirit, my breath, my beliefs
all have gone
ever since the day life wrote a death song
this melody, this orchestra has always shattered me to pieces

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2004)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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