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Removing blackheads naturally

Removing blackheads naturally

What are “Blackheads”?


Black heads are the deposition of dust particles mostly on the nose surface and sometimes in the other parts of the face.

Why do they appear?


If your skin is oily or you are living and working in dusty/polluted area, the dust particles can get deposited as black heads.


Methods to remove black heads

1.Warm a little honey and apply on the trouble spots. Wash off after 10-15 minutes.

2. Clean your skin by dipping cotton in an antiseptic like Dettol/Cholorxyelnol and then gently rubbing the cotton over the affected areas. If your skin feels irritated, stop the procedure and wash with copious amounts of water.

Once the black heads are removed, try to wash your face by mixing flour with few drops of water, this will keep your skin pores open.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez




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