After the rain

After the rain

After the millions it rained a trillions
the happiness it brought was of zillions
after it rained and after the sun shone
the smell of the grass revived that had long gone
after it had shone enough
melted the hearts of the very tough
after it opened the doors of spring
merry , joy, rhythm and sing
after the scorching heat burns
refreshing breath, environment runs
after the sorrows that it rained down
my heart opens to the Lilly town
after my wept eyes it washed away
the breeze touches the lashes to cause them to sway
after my ears hear the dancing little raindrops
my heart beats and the mood hops
after I’ve come all the way to this line
I’m thinking of how to join and combine
after all this time has passed
it has rained enough to make it last
after I gone through all of this
I guess I’ve just started to miss
after rain has rained I feel I miss something
miss the line , miss the words , miss everything

Written by Madiha Nawaz (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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Muhammad Wasif Haq : Speech Pathologist by profession; previously worked as a dentist, researcher and teacher. Fond of travelling, photography, writing, sharing knowledge and believing in hope, colours and dreams.



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