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Soon I would be sent

Soon I would be sent

Many came and many went
never realized what they meant
only to suffer and then to repent
I know to me were they all sent
ask me it was against my consent
not hatred but yes it was resent
against them and then settlement
with myself bowing, knees bent
got down without complaint
taking it as some agreement
between my life and that present

Believe me I tried and I did settle
with all the noise, rush and rattle
but came along my hard luck
lost my concentration and work
I need you the most I uttered
“silence” was just what u muttered
my life seemed to tumble
rumble grumble and mumble
was that the way I was to be left?
cold, dejected, rejected finally with neglect
ah! if could revert all back again
would have left the moment wherefrom I ran

Ending it up once and forever
can’t stand the waves that devour
the long awaited sun I won’t be here anymore
shine not upon me you biased sun
for I know u have never been sincere to anyone
I can feel the heat turning away from me
weak, suppressed and too old to carry on
and that’s exactly what you wanted me to be
have a look, come on and see me
soon would I be one of them who just went
drifting apart to some world, soon would I be sent.

Written by Dr. Madiha Nawaz (2004)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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