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Not the imperfections

Not the imperfections

If mistakes don’t matter
and shortcomings do not weight that much
be sure of the true and right love
that your heart carries for someone
if talking about someone’s positive attitude
is more important to you
than highlighting their negative aspects
you can be certain of
the pure love existing in your life
for true love is always thankful and accepting
it sees the goodness of the souls
and not the imperfections
which every human is born with
it knows to find joys and happiness in everything
rather to negatively analyze and criticize

We all do our best
when we know we are accepted in our totality
far times more important are the things
that someone does for us
rather than which they fail to do so
this is what’s actually
the perfection of love which only comes if we
do not look at the imperfections
try to find the softness and politeness in every heart
and not the imperfections
which every human is destined to have
give importance to the efforts that are made
than to drive away love
by constant complaints and criticisms
for true love is always uplifting and encouraging

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2011)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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