After long years, I’ve learnt to breathe in peace
after breaking every hope of your return, I’ve been able to sleep
forgetting about you has only made my life more stable
may be things for which you wish so strongly are never given to you
but now it’s too late to wish for anything
I’ve accepted my defeat as my victory
for it saves me from a vicious cycle of love
leaving the so called craze of love
has made my life stagnant
and I take it as a blessing, as peace
but why oh you stormy petrel
the bird of storm!
you fly today over my little hut by the sea
why oh you stormy petrel
look at me as to bring further bad news to me
I wonder what now is remaining in my life
that the storm now intends to snatch away

After long years I’ve stopped crying
after trying everyway, I’ve come to know
that its false to say ‘nothing is impossible’
I’ve turned the boat of my life
away from the waves created by yours
for I feel staying closer to you
would’ve only strayed my boat
having changed myself and my mind
about the so called never ending love
has made my life stable
but why oh you stormy petrel
the bird of storm!
why you fly today in the sky
as if you carry the indication of some storm
why oh you stormy petrel
you look at me as if to warn me
I wonder what now is remaining in my life
that the storm now intends to snatch away

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2006)
Karachi, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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