My last tear

My last tear

The happiness in the past seems as if it were only a dream
but things in the past never really are what they seem
they say what they say, they say they do not really mean
then I come to this place and it feels like I’ve already been
then I dream of the rain and snow and wake up to another day
I find myself locked up in the prison of tears and wish I could run away
my mind is clogged up with poison and every day my brain will decay
but still the doctor of life stands up and tells me I’ll have to pay

The clouds of my mind blacken and force the heavy rain to fall
I go round and round in circles until I stop and hit a wall
the beating of my heart is slower and I give my Lord a call
but the tears roll on, I’m tired, and the pain hasn’t gone at all
once upon a time you loved me and you said you would always be here
but now I know that your love wasn’t strong enough to stay, my dear
but still I hold on to the dream, that maybe you’re still very near
and I still long for the day to come when I will shed my very last tear

Written by Neil Curran (2004)
United Kingdom
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Muhammad Wasif Haq : Speech Pathologist by profession; previously worked as a dentist, researcher and teacher. Fond of travelling, photography, writing, sharing knowledge and believing in hope, colours and dreams.


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