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The speech of a broken heart

The speech of a broken heart

Here I’m sitting all alone trying to talk to myself about some topics that I don’t wanna talk about. I’m just looking at the sky and thinking how people came and went by , they took my hand into their hands, whispered the sweet words into my ears , they just touched up my soul and I always believed them to be sincere but I wonder why .. What made them turn away from me. Everything seems to be in a perfect silence but it’s only me who can feel the storm of emotions and thoughts blowing in my heart and I’m just sailing ad sailing in the sea of my emotions, moving without a direction , funny how time went by and those hands holding my hands went away leaving me like they never knew me.Haa may be this is all life is all about , may be I was a rose which when was young and fresh , everyone came and loved me but when their hearts were fulfilled they went away without looking back even once at me and now who knows how many autumns I’ve seen and not dreamt of a single day of spring and of the spring breeze

I was so strong before falling in love with you but now when the person whom I loved has left me , I feel like breaking and dying with the every breath I breathe inside. Life is not only a name of breathing , it is a name of love, a hope and you’ve taken away both things from me and you expect me to live , so if you think that I can live then surely I’ll live because after all we are living everyday in the search of a day when we can find our stone hearted lovers turning back to us and say that they loves us.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2002)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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