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Strange feeling of love

Strange feeling of love

We both sit alone now
think nothing but all about us
like waves of river hit the rock and break it
the fate hit our love and broke it
leaving your words to linger forever in my room
a vision of uncertainty that looms
yesterday you were here
today you are found nowhere
but still I hear your footsteps in the rain
your child like laughter
this is a strange feeling of love
when I cannot decide myself
whether you loved me or befooled me
Strange feeling of love
some love stories look good incomplete
like the clouds in the sky sometimes go without raining
both of us came too close
and this closeness found a way to depart
Strange feeling of love

The trees, the broken leaves and the brown sand
seem to talk to me everyday about you
there are some tears always ready to flow in my heart
whenever I think of you
there stands then the promise of never ever crying
that you took from me
holding my hands into yours
my heart had fallen so deep without
any way left to return back
these un-understandable lines of my palm!
yesterday I could touch you, I could see you
today I can only feel you , I can dream about you
in the rain whenever I’m walking alone
I still hear you walking with me
talking always happily about life
even when it ended long ago
this is a strange feeling of love
when I cannot decide myself
did you love me or befool me?
Strange feeling of love
that my heart hides
for even my blood does not know
I still can hear your voice and words that echo in air
yet nothing provides me with definitive answers

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2004)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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