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A walk in the dream

A walk in the dream

Open your heart, your eyes
spread out your arms and rise
leave away the memories of the rotten love
that once lived in your life
you need to go on and move on
swim across the tides of life
and reach the shore of hope and new dreams
wake up,wake up now
stand up to fight
stand up to struggle
stand up to juggle
Wake up to a new day
It’s true that whatever good I know
I see it being reflected in your eyes
even though at times
we hardly speak
yet I feel myself getting close to you
how’s it possible that I feel
you understand every bit of me
as I look in your eyes
and help me know
how’s it that I’ve started to believe
that you would always be there
whenever I’ll need you
your smile and your kindness
seems to make me
love everything in my life
the way you look at me makes me love my own self
everyday I dream of us having
A Walk In The Dream
in the garden of love
where feelings flow and emotions blossom
it’s such a gift to see us there together
being surrounded by shade of sky in
A Walk In The Dream

Does the world know of the sparkling emotions
that shine in your eyes
or the soft curve of your smile
just at the side of your lips
at the times when the hope is low
I think of you and then I know
that I’m to live for something better in my life
the way you laugh with me makes me so complete
to last forever as I see two of us taking
A Walk In The Dream
in the garden of love
where winds of sincerity open the
flower buds of true emotion
and water filled with honesty I know
of this garden of love where we take
A Walk In The Dream

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2010)
Karachi, Pakistan
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