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I sing praises for You

I sing praises for You

Everything looks changed
may be I’ve learnt to see beyond obstacles
for others hard times may be dead ends
but for me, they are a chance
to revive my faith
to pray with my all hearts from You
to bow down and hope for Your mercy
and when You fulfill my prayers
pull me out of whirlpool
I feel so lucky
that my Lord listened to what I said
a Lord of billions and billions
heard what I just whispered and wished
oh Lord! You are Lord
You deserve to be God
I sing praises for you
be it thick clouds or clear sky
Your light lightens the world
I sing praises for you

Not like before, the grieves don’t matter much
for there’s always an answer
a reason of the way things move
extending beyond the sea
is another world too that these worldly eyes can’t see
but the strongest faith will anchor the drowning heart
to the safest destination
when I’m surrounded by troubles from every side
I know I always have You by my side
and this belief itself is enough to guide me
I sing praises for you
be it sunshine or rain
Your light lightens the world
I sing praises for you

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2008)
Karachi, Pakistan
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