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“That’s you, not me”

“That’s you, not me”

Your life has always been full of people
you listened and their opinions convinced you to believe
wish you could know that things and people are rarely as they seem
you’ve always ignored your soul’s whispers, it’s screams
for it only speaks in silence
your life has always been full of music, sound and noise
wish you could know the reality behind your countless tries
walking on a road without listening to your soul has always cost you a price
the images you hold in your mind and eyes
are not the real you, but what you chose to believe
unfortunately the truth that you falsely follow is all made of lies
if you stop and look back, you’ll realize
your tries to fit in and be accepted is a disguise
if you listen to the sound of your soul for a little while
you’ll hear it say “that’s you, not me”
“it has always been about you, never about me”

Your happiness always belonged elsewhere
you got lost, rusted and tried travelling so far
without knowing where to look for the northern star
these efforts and this rat race is so bizarre
if there’s something that you need to care
it’s your soul that is suffocating, it needs air
it’s high time to stop turning a deaf ear
these trends and styles don’t resonate with you anymore
so much investment on the outside and nothing on the core
please don’t leave your soul locked inside the doors
take a listen to it, let it be your anchor
if you stop and look back, you’ll hear
the sound of your soul that’s been sore
you’ll hear it say “that’s you, not me”
“this has always been you, never me”

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2017)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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