As I tried to gather all the scattered
I felt myself being disastrously shattered
by the noises that horribly rattled
I thought I had myself settled
to the prickly life that nettled

But now it seems its over
for I can’t go on to hover
over what is now nothing but a rover
a kind of what I have been through myself
a kind of what I have been into myself

As I go on and along I feel
something’s missing so real
I don’t really care actually
coz I don’t think it a big deal
but what I want from you is to feel
that I’m not a girl made of steel
for I have got the power to feel
so don’t go on with the idea of hurting me
I tell you what they never do easily heal

you still think that I am joking
look at me, see, I am choking
choking for life to death’s black clothing
oh! do you still take it as nothing?
I have been long time thinking
of actually and truly leaving
leaving you to break all that dreaming
how can I tell u I am not at all exaggerating?

If there were pieces of gold
and letters of diamond
I would have had them all sold
lo! and behold
as I am not yet that old
to get you out of those dead n cold
of relationship, people and us
I found nothing else but us, us and only us
wait I see some star twinkled at us
and I know that they are too happy for us
to announce it proudly for us
that we are the chosen ones.

And now moving onto another day
waiting for another new way
to be there all day
to have it happen my way

Comforted by the thoughts only
I don’t find myself feeling lonely
as I rise I give myself wholly
coz I trust you solely
of the thoughts that I have totally
they are for u entirely

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez



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