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Why do your memories strike my mind?

Why do your memories strike my mind?

Why do your memories strike my mind?
why can’t I go to a place where no one can ever find
me, my lost thoughts & my sad mood,
where thoughts are my only food.
I enter my room and shut the door close
open the book and look for that rose
I find it, touch it and feel
it reminds me of the time I had you for real
my eyes twinkle and fill with tiny drops
I immediately move on to another place
I draw the curtains and look at the swaying trees
it reminds me of the walk on those fresh fallen leaves
I move towards the bed to sit and rest
sit comfortably on my bed to have a test
a test of thoughts that I should have thrown
out of my mind so I can’t ever mourn.
my eyes glance over the doll on my side standing
how long have me and my doll been waiting
now everything is open in front of all
I’m least afraid of anyone at all
was it not enough that your memories strike me hard?
that you gave me those little gifts that I have to guard
all the time I think of confronting you once more
with that confident dare that I once wore
I dare not disclose my wish to you again
why can’t your memories find another home, another place?
why every image is supposed to match only your face
why can’t you just leave my mind, body and soul?
with my original thoughts, moods and pure soul…

Written by Dr. Madiha Nawaz (2004)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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