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World in a moment

World in a moment

The time and the considerate thoughts
the chance life has given us
can make us achieve what we dream
years and decades may pass by living in clouds and fog
life will bring that very moment, that very exclusive one
when all the answers, all the reasons,
all the explanations will make perfect sense
as if all the beauty and mysteries of the world
are suddenly revealed to you in a very special moment
and when that special moment will come
you’ll experience a new dawn, a new realization
a new world in a moment
make sure not to let go that moment away

Despite our purest intentions, the hurdles and obstructions will keep coming
if you’d be honest and clear like water, nothing can crush you
just remember when you think you can’t change everything
just do your part, that’s your contribution to the world in a moment
someday someone else will come along and do the rest
if you feel like giving up
remember there’s so much only you can do
it’s much better than doing nothing at all
that’s your gift that you can give to the world in a moment
make sure not to let go that moment away

Waving byes is always hard
will you meet them again or is it the end?
with a little effort, time and the bends of life
you might come across them once again, in reality or memory
I understand the sadness the time brings but the precious moments spent together
will always shine like sun, will always shade you like clouds and trees
this departure and sadness is just a frozen world in a moment
it won’t stay the same like this
the dancing hand of the time piece will melt this snow soon away
and when that moment comes, you’ll know for sure that you’ve found
all the happiness, joys, surprises of
The world in a moment
make sure not to let go that moment away

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2017)
Perth, Australia
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