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Inspiring People: Muniba Mazari

Inspiring People: Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari (1987-present)

Muniba is a person who knows no boundaries, no limits. She seems to be always in the process of constant self evolution, trying new things, exploring new avenues and giving strength to people who have very little support.

Courtesy: Muniba Mazari Instagram

Reason for inspiration:

At the age of 21 years, Muniba got severely injured in a car accident. The accident took place in a very remote area of Pakistan due to which there was no immediate medical aid available. In attempt to save her life, nearby people tried to help her by pulling her out of the crashed car, but sadly this led to permanent damage of her spinal nerves, leaving her crippled for the rest of life. Muniba was sent to Karachi where she remained admitted in the hospital for few months. This was followed by her remaining bed ridden for 2 years but her spirit and determination motivated her to do something bigger, something higher.

Today Muniba is a TV host, painter, singer, social activist and a motivational speaker. She is also Pakistan’s first wheelchair model and has also done modelling shot for Toni and Guy. Recognising her spirits and efforts, she is appointed as Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations.

Muniba at the sets of Hum News. Courtesy: Muniba Mazari Instagram

Muniba was here in Perth, Australia on 7th July, 2018 to give a motivational speech. Below are some of the video clips and my reflections from what she shared.

The power of giving:

Muniba told a story from her school life where she donated blood to a blood bank organisation. In return, she received a card stating “Thank you, your one bottle of blood will save someone’s life”. She used to look at the card and wonder who that someone might be. Later in her life, when she met the unfortunate accident, the doctors were asking people for O positive blood donation. She had massive internal injuries and bleeding and doctors feared that she may die if she does not get immediate blood transfusion. At that moment, out of nowhere, someone came and said “My blood group is O positive and I’ll donate blood to her”. She recalls that that day she understood the meaning of “Your one bottle of blood will save someone’s life”.

In the following clips, Muniba talks a bit more about the accident and it’s impact on her.

Reason behind adversity and hardships:

Muniba said that the first part of healing is to accept what has happened, to come to terms with it. She said that in her first public talk ever at Ted Talk, a girl came to her and told her how Muniba’s speech had given this girl a ray of hope to live, and it was because of these comments that Muniba decided to continue sharing her story of strength and moving on. 

Celebrating what you have:

She said that due to multiple bone fractures in her arm, she could not write. While she was bedridden, her family brought her paints and canvas for her. Slowly and slowly she started to draw and express herself through art. This skill became very therapeutic for Muniba and now not only she can write, but she is a wonderful painter.

Courtesy: Muniba Mazari Instagram

Muniba recalls that one day her child wanted her to play the ball with her son. She felt helpless that she could not kick the ball but the little boy focused on Muniba’s strengths and together they found a way to play with the ball.

Know your fears:

Muniba believes that we should face our fears and we must write down our fears on a piece of paper so we truly know what exactly are we afraid of.  Personally I think at times we live in confusion not knowing what exactly holds us back, so I agree that writing one’s fears down is helpful strategy to pinpoint the areas where you need to gather strength.

Adding further, Muniba said that many people fear abandonment and think that they will not be able to live and survive. She said that in reality, God gives you everything to live and sustain your life. If people come and join your journey of life, be happy and thankful, but if they leave, do not think that it’s a punishment or a curse. Always believe that you have everything you need to continue your journey of life.

Courtesy: Muniba Mazari Instagram

Envision your future:

In her talk she said that envision your future because if you do not envision your own future, someone else will do it for you. I found this as an absolute reality. We have to take responsibility, we have to take the steering wheel of our lives into our own hands because it is us who will be affected the most by someone else’s decisions. No one can understand us as better as ourselves. 

On self reflection:

Muniba’s work with transgender community in Pakistan:

Although Pakistan is one of the four countries that allow transgenders to list transgender on passport, the society is slowly moving towards accepting transgenders. Muniba is playing her part to make that transition happen quick and fast. 

Courtesy: Muniba Mazari Instagram

Towards the end, I had the honour of meeting Muniba and getting an autograph from her.


A video of Muniba co-singing “Dil se” song with Haroon for 14th August; the independence day of Pakistan.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
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