Home Travel Diary Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs, Margaret river, Western Australia

Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs, Margaret river, Western Australia

Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs, Margaret river, Western Australia

If you happen to visit Western Australia, Margaret river will be most likely on your itinerary. Although Margaret river is famous for it’s winery, but Margaret river also has some great landscapes and places to offer as well. Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs is one of such spots. Every time that I have visited Margaret River information bay/visitors center and asked them about more places to see in Margaret river, they never mentioned Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs. So after extensive searching and browsing, I was able to learn about this place.


These cliffs are famous for abseiling and rock climbing. If you are not into these activities, I think it’s still worth visiting if you enjoy photography especially sunset by the sea, or just to relax and connect with nature. It’s a quiet place with not a lot of people around.


The journey from Perth to Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs is 3 hours by road. Thankfully using Google maps, we were able to set “Wilyabrup Climbing and abseiling sea cliffs” as our destination.Once I saw the road sign indicating to turn right for Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs, I was happy that at least I’m close to this amazing landmark.

Below are the pictures that act as a landmark every time I visit Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs.

Keep driving past this.

If you are in a 2 wheel drive car, park your car here. Use the wooden steps to jump over the fence.

You’ll also see an information board.

There will be a bit of bush walk (around 10 minutes). Keep walking till you come across another information board.

And now you can see and enjoy the Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs.


Remember to wear a good foot wear and carry a water bottle with yourself.

For more pictures of Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs and other places in Margaret river, please visit Flickr page.


Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez






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