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Achieve more in story time

Achieve more in story time

You can use story time to develop multiple skills and abilities in your children which will pave the way for better learning and understanding of the world around your child. In this article, we will quickly talk about 4 simple strategies that you can try while reading stories to your children.

1. Develop their thought process: Before reading the story, show your child the front cover of the book. Read the title and show the picture on the cover. Next, ask them what they think the story might be about. Give them some time to think and answer. You can continue this process every now and then throughout the book.

2. Make the story come alive: Talk through what the characters might look like, their feelings and thoughts. This can help children develop perspective taking. Also try to relate stories to examples in real life.

3. Involve their senses: If a character in the story has touched something, try touching the child’s hand, this will enable the child to relate well to the story and increase their learning capabilities.

4. Revise the story: Time and again keep asking simple and brief questions about the story you read together. For example “What did Goldilocks eat in the three bears’ home?” This will improve the concentration and memory skills of children.


Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2014)
Adelaide, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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