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The aim game

The aim game

All of us are blessed with energy, talent and unique potential that need to be utilized. Failure to identify and dispose off this energy leads to depression as this energy instead of being channeled out only accumulates and gets wasted inside our own selves.

People often feel unmotivated and unenthusiastic to live their lives. At times it feels if the talent, time and perhaps life overall has become stagnant. This happens only when they no true direction and a clear purpose in their lives. In this article, the consequences of not having a defined aim in your life will be discussed.

“If you have no aim, you’ll be rolling down, going with the flow”:

You would never know which direction to choose if you have no set destination. Others may help you but only to the extent that they know you. There could be plenty of things and areas in life which need your input to be discovered. Having an aim helps you to prioritize your life and keeps you away from wasting time and energy on things that won’t help you reach your destination.

On the other hand if you have no aim, your life would be dictated and controlled by people around you.

“If you have no aim, most of your time will be spent pleasing everyone”:

If you know what you want to achieve in your life, you would not be seeking total dependency and approval of people around you. Once people find that you are highly dependent on them and their opinion, they can try to manipulate situation to take your advantage. This could be in terms of your time, asking you for favors or resources. As a result you might find yourself in a spin, a loop in which people enter, take your advantage and leave you exhausted and depleted and you can never focus on what you want in your life. Having an aim can actually break the chain.

“If you have no aim, you’ll be losing all the resources”:

People who want to reach to a higher position in life constantly plan out. They take full advantage of opportunities and available resources to make progress no matter how small, but those who are not interested in knowing and fulfilling their dreams, never make any significant effort. As they have no aim, they have no vision in life. This makes them absolutely useless rather dangerous leader who can literally waste up all the resources and eventually end up landing in huge troubles.

“If you have no aim, be ready for stagnation”:

If you have no goal to achieve, then you would be living a below average life. Career wise; you would not be taking risks and chances to improve yourself as you would always be satisfied on things which will be far below than what you deserve based on your potential and abilities. People with lesser grades, qualifications and skills than you will be progressing ahead of you only because of their higher aims. To avoid stagnation, constantly renew your strategies as well as your aims.

“If you have no aim, you’ll be always ready to blame”:

Having an aim helps us to analyze and realize our mistakes and improve them. People who have no aim rarely take time and make efforts to improve themselves because practically there is no stimulus which calls upon them to improve and upgrade themselves. Every time they lose, they find excuses and blames and easily give up on situations.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2013)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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