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Pakistani Music According to Habib – October 2018

Pakistani Music According to Habib – October 2018

Welcome to October edition of Pakistani music. Let’s take a look at the fantastic sounds and melodies of the fine songs.

1. Yaar Mere- Meesha Shafi. Rating: 2.5/5

Meesha Shafi is like the Mahira Khan of Pakistani Pop! Mostly everyone admires her – voice, style, music – and she just has something in her which makes you believe that there is a lot of hope out there. Getting in the limelight thanks to Coke Studio, we all thought that Meesha Shafi will have a typical pop-girl voice before she got in chorus with Arif Lohar singing “Jugni ji” – Waaaiiitttt, did that voice came out from this girl? Yes, brilliant Sufi vocals! She’s a full package people!! “Yaar Mere” came out a year back on the Cornetto Pop Rock platform, and that is exactly why no one bothered to know about it. The video has been nicely made – and you’d have some hard time in focusing whether you want to see Meesha or the “Yaar”! The song is in the direction of Funk, which is Meesha’s signature style, but unfortunately not catchy enough to be a super hit! But hey, you’d have a good time listening to it anyway!

2. Nadani-Kanza Munir. Rating: 4/5

Image Courtesy: Kanza Munir Facebook.

I think the first time I heard Kanza’s voice was somewhere on the radio where she covered Vital Signs’ “Ajnabi” with a guy named Adnan. That’s pretty much it! After maybe 5-6 years, I’m coming across a song by her called “Nadani” which was performed on a platform called “Cornetto Music Icons” in 2014. Later, Kanza became a singer for “Sounds of Kolachi”. The highlight particularly about “Nadani” is that the guitar riffs there are played by the Maestro Aamir Zaki, and to witness this performance, the pioneer pop icon Alamgir was there. There is nothing special about “Nadani” except that it has the ability to be liked because of it’s carefree attitude. Kanza Munir’s vocals are simple, like that of a singer from the 90s – just simple notes here and there. YES – We need more singers like her! The compositions seems very familiar too, hmmm… Who composed it?

3. Jhoota-Abbas Ali Khan. Rating: 1.5/5

Whenever I see Abbas Ali Khan’s name, all I can think of is the word “decent” – Because that’s what he is and that is exactly what his music also portrays. “Jhoota” is also one of those decent songs which was released by Patari. The song gives an impression that it’s a TV serial OST which has been shot in New York or London, but it’s not – BUT it does have a video which has almost every Pakistani TV star except for maybe Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sania Saeed. “Jhoota” has a very broken hearted theme, and has the ability to make lots of people relate to it in their own ways. Structurally, there is nothing too impressive, in fact, it starts to get too monotonous by the end. All in all, I’d still call it a “decent song”.

4. Khamoshi-Bilal Khan feat. Schumaila Hussain. Rating: 2/5

You don’t have to be a music expert to know that “Khamooshi” is a Drama OST – It’s that obvious. Bilal Khan’s vocals have polished really well over the years – He was slightly out of tune earlier (and yet he was liked by everyone wink), but woah, here he sounds super in this song. And do you know, Bilal Khan was a part of the cast of this Drama as well? “Schumaila” gives such a German feel, doesn’t it? Well, she’s a Dubai based singer, has contributed in Bollywood songs and is the sister of Actor/Writer Yasir Hussain! There you go – she’s a star, and no one knows! Lyrically the song has some really nice verses, while musically it has nothing to make you go “WOW”. Still, it won’t bore you!

5. Bol-Samra Khan. Rating: 3/5

Samra Khan was mainly introduced by the song “Hina ki Khushbu” on Coke Studio Season 8. She didn’t really come out with a lot of music in the meantime, but “Bol” is worth mentioning. The video is really nice and somehow motivational by the end. “Bol” will remind you of the music which used to come on ATV in the mid-2000s, but with more polished production. With a touch of underground pop/rock, the song still has something which somehow impresses you. Besides, a woman’s voice in Urdu on relatively faster organic tunes sound more grabbing and confident than on slower tunes. Also, do want to be a bit more impressed by Samra Khan? Yes? She’s a professional Banker! SUPER!

6. Ruseya Rawe-Nabeel Shaukat Ali. Rating: 3.5/5

Finally – A happy song! And that too by Nabeel Shaukat! The song is happy in every way – The melody wants to make you dance, the lyrics are awww-fully sweet and then comes the video which makes you smile on it’s simplicity! You’d be reminded of Jawad Ahmed and Abrar ul Haq and instead of singing “Ruseya Rawe”, you’d be humming “Uchayan Majajan” or “Sanu Tere Naal” later in the day! The video will even take you back in the mid-90s/early-2000s with the festive Basant “Bo Kaatta” touch – Feel the Spring! The song has the potential to be played on Mehndis and Dholkis and it’s not really hard to imagine guys and girls in bright colors dancing on this beat – try it! And did I mention how much one can hear the carefree-ness in Nabeel Shaukat’s voice in “Ruseya Rawe”? Yes – He’s even having fun in singing it! Yay!

7. Nazrain-Ali Noor. Rating: 2/5

NO! No no no no – This is not the Ali Noor you have in mind! This Ali Noor is a completely different Ali Noor! And yes, I got in the name trap too, but I wasn’t really disappointed! Ali Noor is a Toronto based guy who has been making music since 2012. He performs here and there and has plenty of following too! Yes, brand-new-information! “Nazrain” sounds like a typical song which is recorded by an upcoming artist but unfortunately doesn’t keep the ability to impress A LOT. If this was a song in the mid-2000s, then yes, maybe it might’ve even gotten famous, but no, not in 2018, it doesn’t have the ability to grab much attention. Ali does have a good voice, but somehow his music needs to polish a little more. “Nazrain” also has a nice video – and that is probably going to be the reason for me to remember it with!

8. Saathiya-Syeda Ayesha Aly. Rating: 4/5

The moment this song starts, you simply start to smile on it’s cuteness! Ayesha doesn’t deliver any raags or the strongest note delivery but her voice delivers this innocence which makes you want to appreciate her for “Saathiya”. A simple pop-ballad with a simple melody and a simple lyrical expression – nope, nothing too deep there – And yet, it still has a likeness factor in it! It’s a song which can make you happy when it suddenly pops up on the radio! “Saathiya” also has an OST feel, where one can imagine lots of sunshine and smiles. Oh, and this song also has a very simple video! There, I’ve added another “Simple” to describe “Saathiya”. Simple is good, isn’t it? I want to know a little more about Syeda Ayesha Aly – she does has a website and a Facebook page, but hello? Some more information please?

9. Ay Khuda-Nabeel Khalid & Jonathan Jones. Rating: 3/5

I don’t mind covers, esp if they have been made in a good way! Maybe that is exactly why I always have a good opinion about the Coke Studio efforts. “Ay Khuda” is one of the most famous songs by Adnan Sami, and I never gave a thought that it has the potential to be covered by another artist, and that too by keeping the original melody intact – Nabeel Khalid and Jonathan Jones maintained the mystic-ness while delivering the song with a mellow attitude. Musically, it has everything, and yet it has the ability to stay in the background! I tried to know some more about the Nabeel Khalid/Jonathan Jones projects, but both the names are so common, that I have not been completely successful in knowing who they are – except that Nabeel is a talent from Islamabad! Keep it up!

10. Muntazir-Daniyal Zafar & Momina Mustehsan. Rating: 5/5

I want to give “Muntizar” a 7 out of 5! Coke Studio 10 didn’t turn out to be as exciting as the previous Strings produced seasons and hence it was much easier to select the top favorites out of the 28 songs. Most may not agree with me, but in my opinion “Muntizar” was the best song in season 10. Too many factors: The song was produced completely by Strings, Momina is the brightest star in the female pop stars at the moment and the song is JUST-TOO-PERFECT!!! Daniyal Zafar, who is Ali Zafar’s brother, has been critically judged for being a part of season 10, although I feel that he has the face, he has the talent and he most definitely has a voice which may remind you of U2s Bono – but only, if you look at him as an artist and not as Ali Zafar’s brother. Me and my friend have dreamed of hearing the “Aur halkay halkay se…” part in Faisal Kapdia’s voice…. Because, obviously – STRINGS! Bilal Maqsood does have a signature style of writing music and “Muntizar” screams his name in every verse and every chord! Momina and Daniyal could not have had delivered this little ballad in a better way – a perfect duet. And then Daniyal picks up his guitar and give a nice little middle-8 solo to show that he is way more than you think he is! Yes, this has turned into a little “Ode to Muntizar” but hey, it really is one of the best Pakistani songs from 2017!

That’s all for your music apatite. Let me know how you find the songs and the reviews by commenting below or you can get in touch with me through my Twitter.

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