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Experiment, Experience and Explore

Experiment, Experience and Explore

Everything in life happens for a reason. Every incident that happens has an aspect that needs to be understood or let’s say ‘decoded’. Although the perception of mind may take the message as apparent as it may seem, the real message is always hidden deep and needs to be investigated and analysed. For example consider a person losing a job. This is the apparent situation but the hidden message can only be explored if we start to think of the reasons such as was the person at fault? Was the person a misfit for that particular job? Did the culture of the workplace and the person clashed? What could have this person done differently that would have saved him from losing the job? If we put analytical questions, we will be able to reach to the underlying message quite accurately.

In life, everything happens in pairs, in relation and in relevance to either events in past, present or future. What you experience today is somehow going to come again in your life, hence if you understand the message of the situation, you will be able to deal with the same situation next time when it happens. It may also happen that through some of your experience, someone else can seek help and guidance. Therefore what you experience in life and the lessons you learn from such experiences are happening for a reason. The more experiences you have in life, the wiser you would be.

Regarding experiments; you cannot know the alternative solutions until you have tried something differently. Do take some time to do something differently than how you do it routinely. A quotation says that if you keep doing what you have always done, you would keep getting what you have always gotten. Imagine you can get lot more things in life if you can experiment with new and old things in your life. Every experiment will add to your experience and will make you wiser.

But there is a downside of having more experiences too. It is that with increasing experience, often people start to become very fixed and firm in their thoughts and beliefs. When there is insufficient experience, there is more willingness to try and learn, there is more space available for trial and error methods. It can be best explained by looking at the behaviour of children. The lack of knowledge makes them inquisitive about things and their creativity is at height because they believe that everything is possible. As the child grows old, the creativity starts to fall down because now the same individual starts to categorise things as ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’.

Finally learn to explore things. Once in a month, I wake up early and choose to drive on an unfamiliar road just to explore where does the road lead to. It is often surprising to find many shorter routes during these exploratory trips. Further, at times it helps as I can accurately reach a new place as I have come across the nearby and adjacent roads during those exploratory rides. To explore is to search for alternatives and the more alternatives you have in life, it becomes easy for you to manage problems encountered in life.

Therefore the three “E” help us in becoming wiser and mature. It also ensures that we utilise the best of our abilities and talents that have been given to us as gifts by the nature.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2013)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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