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Pakistani Music According to Habib-December, 2018

Pakistani Music According to Habib-December, 2018

It’s the 6th edition of Pakistani music reviews. As we approach the end of 2018, we hope that the Pakistani music industry will continue to evolve and grow. Let’s jump to our December song reviews.

1. Nazar-Maha Ali Kazmi. Rating:3/5

If you watch this song with it’s video, it won’t really make you get in the groove? Why? I’ll tell you why! The song starts off in a really mellow tone which then takes it’s pace very shortly and stay that way till the end. The video on the other hand is completely made on that few mellow second tone and doesn’t have any energy to fit with the melody in perfectly. Maha looks great though! Very Sheryl Crow-ish sort of a song so it has the ability to be liked by many. It won’t leave a long lasting effect on you, but till you’re listening to it, you’re going to have a good time. It has a little underground feel, so I won’t shy away to call it a little raw, but all in all, good song! We want more, Maha!

2. Black Coffee -Zohaib Kazi ft. Abbas Ali Khan & Sara Haider. Rating:2.5/5

Zohaib Kazi is there. Momo is there. Sara Haider is there. Abbas Ali Khan is there. How can it not be good? Why is it called “Black Coffee” is a question? I mean, when I hear this song, I do feel myself in a coffee house, listening to some Lounge Music played live at the corner in the dark – But the feeling is with a cappuccino instead. Oops! Sorry! Abbas Ali Khan sounds super decent like he always does and Sara Haider gives some very soulful sort of vocals for a fine cinnamon sprinkle to your perfect coffee. Hey Zohaib Kazi, this is maybe a nice idea for CS12? Yes?

3.  Always on My Mind- Zoheb Hassan. Rating:3/5

When I read the title “Always on My Mind”, I thought Zoheb Hassan has covered Elvis’ legendary song – and it’s really not that hard to imagine him singing it either. So, the song starts and you get the confirmation that it’s definitely an original and not a cover. The song has an absolutely stupid video, but who would not want to see a bit more of Mr. Hassan? Right? I mean, c’mon, he’s still super cute! The song is a mixture of English/Urdu – Verses in Urdu while the chorus in English. Yes, not too impressive for the audience, but when you listen to the chorus being sung in a nice accent, it gets less annoying! Although, I do get reminded by The Beatles when particularly “Always on my mind” is being sung, like that in “Eight Days a Week”. Musically, you’ll get reminded of the 90s boy-band music, so, that is everyone guilty pleasure. It’s likeable, try it!

4.  Teri Meri Ye Kahani- Yousaf Jarral. Rating: 2.5/5

Yousaf Jarral is a model, and one fine model. But who would’ve known that he can actually be a good singer. “Teri Meri Ye Kahani” to me is a very mainstream song, with that Bollywood touch in its melody, hence – this can be liked very much. More of a boys-choice, so to say! The song starts off in a very impressive way – which makes sure you want to listen to it some more, and you do listen to it till the end. It’s like starting a gig with a wonderful song to keep the audience in groove. “Teri Meri Ye Kahani” also has a video, and one can see Mr. Jarral on a bike which may fascinate plenty. But what fascinated me more are a few high notes which have been sung out of the blue in between. Keep training Mr. Jarral, you do have plenty of talent in you!

5. Tera Des-Kaya the Band. Rating: 3.5/5

“Tera Des” may be a very (very) emotional experience for the Pakistanis living abroad. A very nice song, with a very Pakistani production sound. Musically, I have to give it a thumbs up – all organic. And hey, I am very curious to know about Saima Zakir, who has played the guitars in this song. Yes? Lyrically, it can make people cry! “Tera Des” is a song which has a little singing contribution from Emaad as well – and with Afsheen’s super vocals, the duet-ish feel makes it sound more complete. This song also has a nice video – a band who is having some good time in making music (and some scenes from maybe Serbia, I believe). Also, it is slightly different from other Kaya songs, so, recommended even more.

6. Dekha Tune- Alycia Dias. Rating: 2.5/5

Whenever I think of Alycia Dias, I can only think of the song “Armaan” which she sang along with Siege in Coke Studio 8. And back then, I was completely mesmerized by her vocal talent, and I still am. She is more known in the Drama OST world, where she has sung plenty of Drama songs, the top being “Dil e Muztar”. The video of “Dekha Tune” will remind of the music videos made in the 90s by girl bands (I was reminded of TLC and Cleopatra) – Lots of colorful graffiti-like walls and a crush on one’s dance teacher. Musically, it will remind you of the R&B made in the early 2000s. A mixture of two decades. AND this will also make you realize that Alycia is a great dancer. She’s always making new music, so there is a lot to look forward from her.

7.  Pyaar Yahi Hai-Dino Ali. Rating:2.5/5

Dino – The people from the 90s remember him as a great VJ on Indus Music. Then he started to sing and guess what, even after years, I love to listen to “Pari” from time to time. Coming to “Pyaar Yahi Hai” now, which follows the formula for music making of today – Make your song sound louder! If you admire today’s pop music, then this is a song for you. I have to admit that it is an interesting song, with twisted cheesy lyrics and a catchy beat, but it unfortunately it doesn’t have the charm to maintain a long lasting effect. Dino sings really well here, his high notes still the same like they were more than a decade back. Sometimes I do wonder why did his music career didn’t boom. But oh well, he has been one of the best VJs and still has maintained his presentation skills on Radio as an RJ – he’s our Ryan Seacrest!

8. Talaash-Talha Nadeem. Rating: 2/5

Talha Nadeem is what people dream to be – A corporate professional and a hobby artist! Who doesn’t want to be that way, right? Karachi based, he is well known in his city and maintains a decent amount of following. “Talaash” is a nice song, a very Pakistani Pop-Rock song with lyrics nice enough to make you think a bit about them. Musically it is organic enough to be played more than once. Considering Talha has been singing for over 5 years, his vocals really have not polished much as they should have. I mean, he can sing but he goes too much out of tune at times which takes away the whole essence of the song. Work on that a little, if you can please, because your music is very decent.

9.  Sahara-Zohaib Kazi feat. Sara Haider. Rating:3.5/5

Image courtesy: http://www.koolmuzone.pk

When I first heard the song, I obviously wasn’t as impressed. It reminded me of Coldplay, and I’m not as fond of them as the rest of the world is. But then after a minute or so, it made its way in the atmosphere and it became enjoyable. It’s what I’d like to call a “smooth” song. It’s the same beat, the structure stays the same, and yet it will make your head move with a little groove. Listen to the song again without a pause – the way it begins with direct vocals “Aankhain, tere bina…”, it gives an idea that there is not going to be anything hidden in the message expression. The lyrics are well rhymed so there won’t be a problem in singing along with it as well. Then Kazi and Haider sound so good together – like a chess board looks brilliant with its black and white.

10. Main Ura (Motion picture “Parwaz hai Junoon”)-Shuja Haider. Rating:1.5/5

Image Courtesy: Shuja Haider Facebook


An OST from “Parwaz hai Junoon”, which is a tribute movie to the Pakistan Air Force – The lyrics are heart touching, but the music just doesn’t fit like it should. One can hear planes in between, but that sounds a bit to forced, like a misfit. Shuja Hyder knows how to sing really nicely, but somehow here, he sounds like he is singing a love song for a Bollywood movie. I blame the music, which has contributions from Shani Arshad (Shani Hyder – He’s the same guy). I tried to give this song more chances, but somehow it made me give lesser and lesser points to it. Something is missing and that something is the expression of spirit – It’s there but expressed badly.

Hope you enjoyed the new song reviews and hope to see you soon in 2019. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Let me know how you find the songs and the reviews by commenting below or you can get in touch with me through my Twitter.

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