Blinded by vision

Blinded by vision

In the silence, there is peace
the words are conveniently used to deceive
we accept these mere sounds and start to believe
no wonder life is full of moments of grief
is it justice when the heart feels
but has no power to speak?
all the words ever said will always be incomplete
no honesty, some things are always kept concealed
just like the heart that feels
but is locked within the ribs all sealed!

If the absence makes hearts grow fonder
why do we want to be with each other?
call me a fool but I do wonder
do we need the pain of a partner
who will take no time to walk away and close the chapter
and alas we expect them to keep us happy ever after
these senseless and useless standards
and we happily putting our whole lives on the altar!

In the imagination, there is possibility
the eyes only see things partially
so many filters, so many bias, where to find clarity
everyone has their own story that they claim to be reality
no wonder why there is so much disparity
is it justice when reasons are ignored and conclusions believed easily?
all what we know has always another side which will revealed gradually
if time has all the answers, what’s the point in asking questions foolishly?

If the darkness brings out stars that shine
and shadows are created by light
why are we afraid of the benight?
is there something wrong with our sight
that we overlook ourselves and learn to compromise
we spend time to justify their lies
the fake laughter to silence the inner cries
the emptiness behind the pretentious smile
the social braid on our lips when we say “I’m fine”!

What if everything is only an illusion
is it why there’s no remedy to the confusion?
what if everything is just a delusion
are we all beings of manipulation?
what if everything is only an impression
is it why time knows no conclusion?
what if everything is just a perception
are we all blinded by our own vision?

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2019)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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