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Pakistani Music According to Habib-January, 2019

Pakistani Music According to Habib-January, 2019

First of all a very Happy New Year to everyone. As we move into 2019, we hope that Pakistani music industry will continue to grow and diversify. Let’s get started with our reviews for January, 2019.

1.Pahiya (Motion picture soundtrack “Motorcycle girl”)- Faiza Mujahid. Rating: 5/5

Hello? We need more women like Faiza Mujahid in Pakistani Music!! Her voice delivers the actual strength a woman keeps within. “Pahiya” is a song from the biographical film on Zenith Irfan – “Motorcycle Girl”. The song is a perfect Pop/Rock blend which is technically accepted and heard by everyone, AND then has contributions from the one and only – Xulfi, so naturally there is this grabbing energy which gives this sort feeling of achievement; You feel like you’re in a match, and in the end your team wins goosebumps please. I still believe that no one could’ve done justice to this song like Faiza Mujahid – So some super thumbs up there! We-want-more!

2. Awaz Do- Abdullah Qureshi. Rating: 4.5/5

Abdullah Qureshi is this boy from Islamabad who with his cheeky smile win hearts within seconds. With lots of potential and talent, he started off doing covers in underground bands and ultimately penning down a few originals; one of them is “Awaz Do” which was so impressive that Xulfi made sure it was a part of the season 4 of Nescafe Basement. “Awaz Do” is a ROCK song! It’s a fabulous rock song which makes you realize what a great artist Qureshi is – I got reminded of Led Zepplin, so that is definitely a compliment. Such songs are most definitely made, but they somehow never make it to the limelight. I always imagined Qureshi like our local Ed Sheeran, a boy with his guitar – and I still believe he is THE singer/songwriter we’re looking for, who knows his pop and his rock! Kudos!

3. Sajni-Raafay Israr. Rating: 1.5/5

“Sajni” is certainly one hell of a popular name for a song in Pakistan, and this time by a new artist – Mr. Raafay Israr. Seeing him felt like the reincarnation of Ali Haider in 2018 – Maybe he looks like him, or maybe there is some similarity in his style, but something is definitely there. His voice is very pop-music, so that’s also a plus. Coming to the song – I’m not very impressed. It’s like every other song out there with nothing particular to remember it by. I’m not saying it’s a bad song; it’s just a little weak. Raafay has the talent, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for what’s cooking.

4. Jana Nahin- Maha Ali Kazmi. Rating:3/5

“Jana Nahin” is a song for the 80s pop lovers. The distorted guitar riffs, the accompanying synthesizers and effortless vocals – I like it! The only thing which I’m never satisfied by are the videos of Maha songs – They are well produced, but they just don’t go well with the melody. Setting aside from the melody details: Jana Nahin gives the lyrical style of how Nazia-Zoheb had their songs written, a little bit of hard pronouncing words, a bit of philosophy and a mainly an easy interpretation. Overall, the song gives a feel like having some tea with someone who’s company you enjoyed in the time you were together.


5. Pehli Dafa- Atif Aslam & Shiraz Uppal. Rating:1/5

Everyone likes this song – and…. I don’t. It’s that Bollywood sounding Atif Aslam song which particularly is enjoyed by boys, girls, uncles, aunties and everyone who likes tender love songs. I have friends and friends of friends who consider this their favorite song. And there is a 50% chance that you can hear this song on the radio 15 times a day! “Pehli Dafa” is a safe song to grab the audience’s attention; composed by our very own Shiraz Uppal – the Atif-Shiraz duo is meant to succeed whatsoever. They know what the people will like and they know how to sell a song like hot cakes worldwide. The song is accompanied by a wonderful video, shot in Turkey – And THAT video is the only thing I like about it.

6. Befikray (Motion picture soundtrack Chupan Chupai)- Soch The Band. Rating:3.5/5

So, Adnan Dhool is this guy from the band “Soch” and keeps a very indie sounding voice. Meanwhile, “Befikray”, a simple pop tune, fits his vocal capacity very nicely. When I read the title of the song “Befikray”, it reminded me of the song “Befikriyaan” from the movie “Lahore se aagay” – and when I heard the song, it made me feel like it’s the male version of the same song. The song structure is pretty much that way, the musical approach is also very similar and the concept is almost exactly the same. This song makes you have a good time, and that’s it. You’re probably not going to remember it for a long time, but whenever you’re gonna to listen to it, you’re going to like it every time. And did I mention this is an OST for “Chupan Chupai”?

7. Jaanay Do- Zoe Viccaji. Rating: 3/5

Missing some Funk and Disco? Or simply M-People? Then listen to “Jaanay do” by Zoe Viccaji. It has the Viccaji signature all over it – musically, I feel there is no other Pakistani singer who can do justice to this genre. Not even Rachel Viccaji! YES, that’s how Funk and Zoe get along together. Gradually this songs starts to get you in groove and you later notice your leg move with the beat, and your head wanting to do a little left-right dance. The song also has a nice little lyric video – black and white, and it really would’ve not been so cool if it was in colors.

8. Sadqa (Motion picture soundtrack Chupan Chupai)- Adnan Dhool & Aima Baig. Rating: 1.5/5

The song starts really nicely, and you want to continue listening to it. Hmmm… It gives a pure OST feel. Is it for a Drama or for a film? Anyway, listen to it carefully without the video. I can imagine a hero and a heroine doing a dance on mountain tops, going all lovey dovey, camera angle here, a blur effect there and then comes he, with the first 4 buttons of his shirt open, coming towards her for a romantic embrace. Then the scene changes with the next verse and so does the cloths of the main characters – this time they’re on a motor cycle somewhere on the mountain road. Thanks, I just made you imagine a song video. Also, “Sadqa” is an all audience song, so it’s typical and sounds very filmy – because it really is an OST for “Chupan Chupai”.

9. Sabz Sufaid Rang-Asim Azhar. Rating: 4/5

Asim Azhar is known as the Bieber of Pakistan. I disagree – Asim’s better! His voice is controlled and has that little R&B feel, which makes his pop tunes sound very modern. “Sabz Sufaid Rang” was released for Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2, and I wonder why the Cornetto released songs never get famous, considering they are sponsored on every social media site! Hmmm… Anyway, “Sabz Sufaid Rang” is a nicely written national song which has everything a song should have; the lyrics are good, the video got directed by Adnan Malik and the music makes you want to grab the Pakistani flag and run in the streets! But unfortunately, you won’t hear it anywhere – What a pity!

10. Wo Mera Dil Tha- Mair Hassan & Nimra Rafiq . Rating: 1.5/5

(Image Courtesy: Facebook- Mair Hassan & Nimra Rafiq).

You don’t have to be a genius to tell if this song is not an OST. In fact, “Wo mera dil tha” has this Drama OST feel in every line and every chord. The chorus screams “I have been sung for a drama” – These are song lyrics and not really poetry. Song lyrics are simply written to make sense, poetry is done with emotions and soul. Coming to the vocals: Nimra Rafiq sounds innocent and Mair Hassan sounds freshly out of college – and fortunately the duet sound good with this combination. Musically, it’s like all the regular OSTs out there, with pop instruments and some tabla to make things a little desi. “Wo mera dil tha” serves the purpose of being an OST, and nothing much to my ears.

Hope you enjoyed the new song reviews and hope to see you soon in 2019. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Let me know how you find the songs and the reviews by commenting below or you can get in touch with me through my Twitter.



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