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Pakistani Music According to Habib-February, 2019

Pakistani Music According to Habib-February, 2019

It’s so good to see that the new artists are experimenting with new concepts and genres. I feel when there is a lot of experimentation going on, there can be some things which stand out well and some that need more improvement. At the end of the day, the purpose of these reviews is not to discourage the artists and their work, but to perhaps shed some light on what could have been done better. Don’t skip listening a song based on the rating, everyone has a different taste so give every song a fair go. Speaking of go, before I go on and on, let’s jump to our February reviews.

1. Ye Dil Maanay Na-Natasha Baig. Rating: 3.5/5

(Image courtesy: Natasha Baig Facebook page)

After singing the Shikwa part in “Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa” in Coke Studio 11, Natasha Baig has influenced a lot of ear phones and car speakers with her confident singing abilities. Mentored once by Zoe Viccaji, Baig is a perfect blend of skill, looks and talent. “Ye Dil Maanay Na” sounds like an OST of a chick-flick movie, but it’s not – but that doesn’t make the song any less good. Sure, it isn’t extra ordinary, but Pop songs are meant to be this way. Real instruments and a chorus oriented theme, I think it is a good company – like for example, Pizza! Remember that Kelly Clarkson song “Since you’ve been gone”? Yeah, consider this one following the same structure but Made in Pakistan.

2.  Main Raasta- Momina Mustehsan & Junaid Khan. Rating: 5/5

Would you believe if I tell that this is my favorite Momina Mustehsan participated song from Coke Studio 9? Yes, more than “Afreen Afreen” and “Tera wo Piyaar”. Weird? OK – first of all, this song has EVERYTHING. Noori composed this song in the 80s Van Halen style, there is Junaid Khan who reminded why we miss The Call so much, Momina Mustehsan is naturally one of the “it” factors – and then when you’re just counting the cool factors in this song, it changes it key and makes you experience the same song in a new dimension. As per the BTS of “Main Raasta”, it seems that it is written by the lead singers themselves. The best thing is yet to be mentioned – The positive energy it emits over all. Do you feel it?

3. Jeet-Ali Alvi. Rating: 1/5

Why is this song not famous? Because it sounds exactly according to the music market of today. With a Chris Martin (Coldplay) styled vocal influence, intensively looped and lyrics easily relatable to everyone under the age of 25; I would’ve not been surprised if suddenly someone starts to rap in the middle about how bad the things are which this society has to go through every day – but oh well, that never happened. As much as I can find, Ali Alvi has only openly released 1 song, which I may not like, but I’d praise anyway for its efforts and innovation. I hope you come up with more music, maybe a high energy song next time?

4. Daastan- Abdullah Qureshi. Rating: 3.5/5

Before listening to “Daastan”, I thought Abdullah Qureshi is more into singing notes and lesser the eastern raag – but here you are with passing years, this guy is polishing in every way! I would’ve mixed it with a Jal song with Gohar on the lead vocals, but well, Abdullah is getting better than them (Yayyy Abdullah!!!). The song accompanies with a video which revolves around a fan-girl played by Arfaa Faryal – and of course, it’s sad. “Daastan” would melt you more if you’re a student – because in everyone’s student life, there is a slow mellow song which one used to listen with their friends because it felt right! The song catches it’s climax beat at the end which tells you that it’s just….. Over!

5. Socha na tha-The Milestones. Rating: 2/5

If Ali Tim and Ziyyad Gulzar are together – it means that the project comes under “The Milestones” umbrella. The people of the 90s will always associate it with Candy being on the leads, but here Roop Ali pretty much did justice with the singing in “Socha Na Tha”. The song is absolutely complete with a nice composition, with a perfectly organic music making approach, a simple video and lyrics pop-enough but yet – It’s boring. Although, one can feel Ali Tim’s involvement like one felt in the Milestones of the 90s – the mellow melody while keeping the leads sound a pinch of mystic. I can give an example of how this song is in reference with food: You know that new restaurant everyone is going to? They order their food, take a picture of it, eat half of it, get the other half packed to be kept in the fridge and then won’t go back there because it’s no more interesting!

6. Magnetic- Salem (feat. Maz K). Rating: 2/5

Do you like Chart Music? Yes? Then Salem’s “Magnetic” is a song for you. If you need a song to dance on a Mehndi? Then Salem’s “Magnetic” is a song for you. If you have heard this song out of the blue, then congratulations, you’re gonna wake up annoyed with your head singing “Magnetic, Magnetic, bla bla bla Automatic”. Salem’s voice is very pop, so that is a major plus there. As much as I can find, Salem is making music from Denmark… And that is pretty much all I know. It’s loud and catchy and it will ultimately become your guilty pleasure if you won’t control on time!

7. Aao- Laqeer ke Faqeer . Rating: 4/5

I am reminded of Junoon in their early years – TOO MUCH. I absolutely love female vocals in such songs and I must admit that “Laqeer ke Faqeer” nailed it – “Aao” is a perfect song. Their collaboration with Pakistani EDM band #SomeWhatSuper in the song “Mithu Donda” is more known, but I’d still prefer “Aao” over it. Who is “Laqeer ke Faqeer”? It’s Shams and Mariam, a married couple who started to make music way after their peak youth days. Mangobaaz took their interview almost a year back, so that’s a nice little motivation for all you out there who thinks that there is an age limit for everything. Now let’s come to the most important part of this song: the lyrics. They’re going to leave you spell bound, and be prepared for that before you press play. Go, enjoy!

8. Sahara- Ally & Moby. Rating: 2.5/5

“Sahara”, a song title which we Pakistani’s absolutely love. Listen to this song carefully, imagine a Disney Princess movie and ta-daaa…. That is exactly how this ballad sounds to me – sweet, mellow, dramatic and dramatically adorable. If you want to make it sound more advanced: This sounds like a Broadway Theatre OST. Just so you know, Ally is “Alycia Dias” and Moby is “Mubashir Admani”. Do you know who they are? Alycia Dias, yes, our very own young talent who is well known in the Drama OSTs world. Meanwhile, I know about Mubashir Admani thanks to Coke Studio, where he was in charge of keyboards in Season 5, and his brilliant piano playing contributions in Jimmy Khan’s “Nadiya” pops up often in everyone’s song listening life. The duo obviously wouldn’t make anything less than perfect, right?

9. Aja Sohneya- Zohaib Aslam. Rating:1/5

“Aja Sohneya” sounds like a Bollywood song – or rather a song, which would be borrowed by Bollywood, polished and then later get itself pictured on Emran Hashmi. Although, it has the potential to be liked by majority, since it’s an Urdu-Punjabi love song which mostly everyone enjoys. The chorus fit young boys more because that’s what they normally feel like being freshly in love. I must praise Zohaib Aslam’s efforts and his vocals – which may get more recognised in the coming future. But, from “Aja Sohneya”, I have sort of assumed that Zohaib is an Atif fan, are you?


10. Yeh Raat-Nangial. Rating: 0.5/5

When I first heard this song without it’s video – It didn’t click. When I watched it with it’s video – I liked it even less. Yes, Nangial is a pretty boy, but the video gives a very self-obsessed feel. I’m unsure if the youth would like anything about this song except for the chorus (and probably young girls wouldn’t mind glancing more on the pretty boy – haha). The song is absolutely boring! I must admit is nicely written, but if it was composed in a different melody, it would’ve been more bearable. It’s a song, which would make me want to change the radio station, change the TV channel or simply subconsciously ignore it like a song in a coffee house.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading these reviews and listening to the melodious tunes. Let me know how you find the songs and the reviews by commenting below or you can get in touch with me through my Twitter.

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