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Pakistani Music According to Habib-March, 2019

Pakistani Music According to Habib-March, 2019

Before any delays, let’s march to March Pakistani music reviews. March is special as we celebrate Pakistan Day on 23rd March, so we’ve added some songs dedicated to our home country too in this review. So hold your cup of tea as we explore 10 songs for this month.

1. Fasaad ki Jar- Nabeel Shaukat Ali . Rating:3/5

Before Nabeel Shaukat Ali got the super spotlight from Coke Studio, he was a winner of the 2012 reality show called “Sur Kshetra” and after that, it took him a few years to become THE Nabeel Shaukat Ali. “Fasaad ki Jar” is a catchy dance tune, which basically sounds like a Bollywood movie song, WHICH sounds very nice on wedding dance floors. But it was never a movie song, so at least I have never heard it on such occasions. The song also has a video in which Nabeel has proved that he can dance a little too – and for some reasons, I found it very cute! ALSO: he has a Goatee beard, very early 2010s, right?

2.  Meri Zindagi- Faiza Mujahid. Rating: 4.5/5

I am a Faiza Mujahid fan, so obviously, this song is one of the reasons why I like her so much! I still remember the first time I heard this song and how mesmerised I was with this woman, her voice and her style. Sure, I heard her “Kahan hun main” before “Meri Zindagi”, but I never saw her before I saw this video. “Meri Zindagi” represents woman power, the words, the music – it simply rocks you! No, there is no WOW in the song structure, it’s a simple rock song with the essence of female vocals, which becomes the main ingredient! Also, the video shows that the band is all-woman – And of course….. it’s SUPER!!!

3.  Dil ki Qasam- Noori & Sara Haider. Rating: 3/5

Which year was it… Hmmm… 2002? Yes – That was when I heard this song on a Cassette for the first time. In 2016, for Miss Veet, Noori and Sara Haider collaborated together to give this song a complete fresh touch – make it a little tender and feminine by adding empowering lyrics here and there. Shani Arshad and Shujah Haider added their composition expertise to make the song become a piece professional activity which won’t make your ears bleed in any case. Literally, the moment Ali Noor started to sing – I just KNEW Shujah Haider is involved. Although I prefer the original one, but this version has a complete different dimension. Sara Haider’s voice suddenly makes women feel stronger than ever – and this is the beauty of her vocal expression. And with Ali Noor & Ali Hamza, it feels like they can’t help but admire women and their power to rule! Kudos!

4. Noor-Asim Azhar. Rating: 2.5/5

I like Asim Azhar’s voice and I really like him as an artist. There are plenty who are throwing dirt at him, but somehow, he has this pop-star talent. Although, I am not a fan of the song “Noor”, but it doesn’t annoy you anyway. It sounds like an Atif Aslam song, I must admit – but since it’s not, I have not come across it so much on the Radio, but with over a million views on YouTube, we all get our answer! “Noor” was basically an Urdu 1 telefilm, and Asim Azhar was in the cast playing one of the main roles – and naturally the title song also got his name. Slow, tender, mellow – characteristics a song which can easily be liked by people who listen mainly to Urdu and Indian music.

5. Pakistan-Naseer & Shahab. Rating: 5/5

(Image courtesy: Naseer & Shahab Facebook page)

The song doesn’t even start and you start to feel those goosebumps pop up just by listening to Quaid-e-Azam addressing the nation. And then the title of the song – “Pakistan” – it doesn’t need any more explanation. Once Naseer starts to sing Pushto in his deep voice, you just know that there is too much emotion there, even if you don’t understand the language he’s singing. The highs and lows, like a U2 song, something just grabs you. To make everything more perfect, the song made sure that you get to hear the voice of the father of the nation in the end again – and then you press repeat!

6. De Ijazat-Ahmed Jahanzeb, Ft. Beena Khan. Rating:3/5

(Image courtesy: Ahmed Jehanzeb Facebook page)

I heard this song for the first time 5 minutes back, and the moment Ahmed Jahanzeb started to sing, I was completely lost in the soul of his voice. Why doesn’t he sing much now? The song itself has such a Desi-likableness which can’t make you go…. Astray! Yep, I really couldn’t think of another word. The song “De Ijazat” is a Drama OST, AND THEN comes sensitivity of Beena Khan’s part where she sung in such a way that you just want to take care of the situation in the palm of your hands. The Sitar is there to make it becomes a little more complete and I think that sums up the whole song! The lyrics feel like…. Lyrics, and not Poetry. Just saying.

7.  Bachaana (Soundtrack of “Bachaana”)-Benny Dayal and Komal Ghanzafar. Rating: 3/5

In 2016, came a movie called “Bachaana”, but in my observation, the film wasn’t in the “super famous” category. Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza are the main faces, so there is star power. When I first heard this song, I thought it was an Indian song from a Bollywood movie – BUT I was wrong and was bluffed by Benny Dayal’s Voice, who is of course a very famous playback singer for Bollywood films. The song is high energy, danceable, likeable – but somehow never got the attention such songs were getting in the mid 2010s. If it was completely Bollywood, i guess it would’ve been famous and not just a song from a “regular” Pakistani film. All in all – a song which will sound better in company.

8. Pakistan-Umer Farooq & Qasim Ben Tariq. Rating: 3/5

This song was released on 14th of August, 2017 . It’s a very good alternate rock song. The sound is highly underground and yet it sounds perfectly mature. The video is pretty good too – Squash and Boxing are highlighted and how one can always follow their dreams if they really want to achieve them. And this is how they have portrayed the Pakistani nation – wonderful! The vocals are worth a praise too, yes some slight polish required, but the approach is fantastic! Yes! Good song!

9. Jeena hey (Meherbanian)- Shujah Haider & Faiza Mujahid. Rating: 3/5

“Sehra main Safar” was a really popular drama and literally everyone used to watch it – either directly or in the background. And at every commercial break, some of the family members would be singing along this song. Am I right? I think I am! Alright, when you hear Shuja Haider sing, it is obvious that it is him who is responsible for the composition as well, and normally they are very much according to the taste of the Pakistani people. Initially, I refused to believe that it’s Faiza Mujahid who sung the female part in this song – because that sounds less rock like her actual style and more raag which is super astonishing. YES – She’s awesome, isn’t she? The song is slow according to the theme and mood, and there isn’t much left to say, right?

10. Sun Ja -Asim Azhar. Rating: 3/5

A typical Asim Azhar song! I can tell that this song is written by Asim himself, because it’s fun and a mixture of Urdu, Punjabi and English. And here, you can tell that he grew up with music from the 2000s – the influence is written all over. Yes, sure, you won’t remember it for long, and there is no major WOW factor to it either, but it makes sure you have a nice time with a typical pop song with some typical boy-band music and some words here and there because they rhyme well together. Also, this is a soundtrack for the Telefilm “Noor”. Yes!

I hope you enjoyed these reviews and listening to the music. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback by commenting. You can also get in touch with me through Twitter.

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