Procrastination has been viewed negatively. We are told to beat and defeat procrastination, when in reality, procrastination is a natural and actually quite useful phenomena. Procrastination needs to be interpreted as it may contain valuable messages for us, following which we can achieve success and explore our real potential. In the book ‘Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness’, it is argued that procrastination is a symptom rather than a cause and that if we understand the hidden messages encrypted in procrastination, our productivity can increase. The book also covers latest research data to highlight how the brain responds under different conditions and importantly how stress can cause brain damage which may result in cognitive difficulties including procrastination.

If you want to understand yourself, your needs and how different factors may impact your learning and attention, ‘Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness’ is a must read.

The book was originally published in 2017. Please click the image to download the book.

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