No surprise breakup

No surprise breakup

“I’m not astonished on that
But certainly on the way I see you crying
Nothing happens so sudden
There are always indications and vindication
About the unfaithfulness of the people
It never happens so sudden, so quick
There ain’t anything such as surprise breakup
Nature always leads you to find
That your lover is going to separate roads
Staying in different room, in another home
There ain’t anything such as surprise breakup
However if you had closed your eyes
To all the games and lies
Only then you would be surprised”

While the breakups are painful, it never comes as a surprise. The nature long before the actual breakup helps us to prepare for the break up. There are always possible indications and clues that start appearing way before the relation finally ends. One must always look out for major persistent changes in the relationship as they can prevent you from discovering at the last moment that things are no more the same. You can use these clues to build your support network and plan out things in advance. Here in this article, we will look into some obvious clues and signs that the relationship is soon going to be over.

1. Never finding time for important discussion:

One of the common things that you should look out for is the change of preferences and priorities. If you find that you want to discuss something important and you have brought it to your partner’s notice that you want to talk to him/her; if your partner seems to be never available or interested genuinely to listen to what you have to say; you can be sure that the roads are no more common. This is because now the priorities are no more the same. Your partner does not want to give the same amount of time and energy to this relation because he does not consider it anymore useful.

2. The other people become significant:

If you find that other people are becoming important in the sense that they know more than you or they are the ones who are bringing you news about things that your partner should be telling you; you should get alert because it too indicates a decreasing communication and interaction between you two. Being “the last one to know” does not guarantee a happy relation.

3. You’re nowhere in the plans:

When your partner talks about his/her future plans and things that he/she wishes for in his/her life; look out for how you fit in all of those future plans or dreams to be achieved. If you are nowhere in the plans; it means you are no more together with your partner in the future.

4. Lies:

When you note that your partner has suddenly started speaking plenty of lies and gets defensive, rude and tries to threaten the relation whenever you ask for explanation of false statements; it too indicates that the relation is approaching towards the end. A lie itself means that the situation is being colourised, masked and manipulated to prevent you from knowing the reality.

5. Mood changes:

Mood changes over a long period of time can indicate the dying relation. If you find that your partner is happy when you are not around, spends more time outside than he/she used to spend before; it means that the relation is no more the same as it used be before. Similarly if the job duties, salary package and other commitments have not changed and you find that your partner does not spend more time than he/she used to spend before or rarely agrees to do the same things which you two enjoyed doing before; you can be certain of the changes and distances existing in your relation.

6. Trust your instincts:

You would find your instincts or your 6th sense telling you that something is going wrong. Often people start to see dreams which relate to the disturbances experienced in the relation or predictions about the changes that are going to appear in your life. You can be sure if the dream contains a true prediction or indication about something happening in your relation if you see some symbols or those things in dreams that you have never imagined or thought of.

7. End of possessiveness and curiosity:

If your partner was first curious about you, your whereabouts and now he/she seems not to be bothered about what you are doing in your life also points out that your partner is no more feeling the same. Likewise finding your partner losing possessiveness about you reflects a weakening relation. If you ask for any advice from your partner and the response is ‘you know better what to do’, ‘do what you like, why are you asking me’, ‘it’s your life’ etc; be sure not to ignore that there is something wrong somewhere.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2013)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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