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My ray of sunshine

My ray of sunshine

Just one mistake, one wrong turn
brought so much havoc, so much destruction
in all this troubled times, I lost all my inspiration
as if my heart was disconnected from all sensations
everyday I drowned deep and deep in rivers of isolation
then like a miracle, you came and saved me with your affection
giving me back my dreams, hope and imagination
leading me to salvation
you’re my ray of sunshine, my jubilation
the meaning behind all my happy emotions
you’re my ray of sunshine, my direction
hoping that we never break this connection
for you’re the answer to all my questions
for there’s no flaw in this perfection

When we met and departed away
I knew we’ll meet again someway, someday
even when there was no road, our fate found a way
your touch and warmth tells me you’re here to stay
just your presence brightens my day everyday
having you makes me believe everything will be okay
you’re my ray of sunshine, my lifeline
the reason behind the return of my smile
you’re my ray of sunshine, my guiding light
hoping we walk together every inch, every mile
for you’re the one who makes every moment worthwhile
for you’re all that makes life so complete, so ideal

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2019)
Perth, Australia
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