Communication board is a visual based communication aid that can be used with people with communication difficulties. The communication board contains commonly used words (core vocabulary) which can be combined to form sentences. As the communication partners communicate with the person with limited communication, they use the board to point to the visuals as they say they message.

For sake of simplicity and functionality, the following communication board also contains list of common routines, items, places etc for the person with limited communication to be motivated to use these. While communication boards are not one solution for all communication difficulties, they can be particularly useful for people with language difficulties, understanding what is said to them and communicating back effectively, as well as people with attention difficulties. Visuals based communication is very useful for people with autism spectrum disorder.

Please feel free to use this communication board to support people with communication limitations. Print this A3 size board, laminate it and have it accessible at all times when you interact with the person with communication difficulties so they can communicate immediately. To use the board, model the use of the board so the person with limited communication can understand and learn how to use the board. You can also see the Cool Bluez page on using Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies effectively for more ideas.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2019)
Perth, Australia
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