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5 accommodations for sensory/motor reading difficulties

5 accommodations for sensory/motor reading difficulties

Please note: These accommodations must be discussed with your doctor/GP if a medical condition is impacting your ability to read.

Regularly reading books is linked to multiple advantages such as increase in intelligence, mental stimulation, increase in vocabulary, perspective taking etc. For some people the ability to read books might be limited by their sensory, motor or combination of these two factors. In this article, we will look at some tools and strategies that we can use to assist people to read books.

1. Casting E-books/ web pages to smart TV:

Imagine how reading a book might be difficult for people experiencing Dropped Head Syndrome, someone whose neck might be immobilised by a neck collar, or the famous text neck pain which results from repeatedly looking down at our phones. Some people also experience sleepiness when they look down to read a book. In all these conditions, one way that people can still read a book or access web page is through device casting.

Here’s how it works?
Modern Android devices allow you the option to cast your device screen on to the smart TV. All what you need is:
-Android operating system device/phone
-Google Chrome Cast
-Smart TV
-Wi fi access.

Simply go to “Settings” and select “Connected devices”. Once here, select “Cast” and click on your Chrome Cast/TV name.

Whatever you will open on your Android device will appear on your TV. You can zoom in the text to make it bigger. This way you can enjoy reading your book without worrying about postural issues associated with prolonged looking downwards.

2. Using projector:

Similar to the above idea, some phones come with built in projector, whereas with others you can connect your phone to a projector.

3. Reading window:

Image Courtesy: https://www.ldalearning.com/

If you experience distraction, difficulties concentrating or feel overwhelmed by looking at the lines on a page, you can simply create a reading window that can help you to focus only on limited text. All what you need is a piece of cardboard. You can use a knife or a scissor to create the window opening in the cardboard according to the size of the book.

4. Magnifying text using water in a bottle:

Pretty similar to the above idea; all what you need is a mini bottle and fill it with tap water. Put it over the text you are reading and you’ll be able to read the selected text in a larger font. In addition, the excess text will also be covered by placement of your hand and the bottle on the text.

5. C- reader pen:

Image Courtesy: https://www.irishtimes.com/

This cool pen can not only read the text aloud for you, it also has a slot to connect headphones so you can listen to the book without disturbing others. This is a great tool for people with reading difficulties. Speaking of disturbing others, C-reader pen also has inbuilt dictionary so you can quickly find the meaning of those extra difficult words without interrupting the class lecture.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2019)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez