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Sandy Cape, Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Sandy Cape, Jurien Bay, Western Australia

If you are looking for a day trip to a place picturesque, scenic and not so crowded; Sandy Cape in Jurien Bay might be worth considering. Travel from Perth will take almost 2.5 to 3 hours by road in your regular sedan car.

When I saw the pictures of Sandy Cape on the internet, it bore some similarity with Cathedral Cove pictures in New Zealand. The pictures were very convincing for me to call my friend and we immediately planned the trip.

The exact spot is a bit hidden away from the front entrance to the beach. Once you park your car, start walking on the beach and turn leftwards. On your left side, you will see sand dunes and on the right side, will be the beach. After some 10 minutes walk, you will see few rocks on your right side, pretty much bordering the beach and the water.

You will need to go behind the rocks for finding that wonderful view. You can sit on the beach and take pictures. I would personally not advice to enter inside the rock as there were spider webs and due to the hot temperatures in summer month, you may come across some insects and reptiles. Also there are warning signs not to walk on the edge of the rocks.

After taking pictures of the rocks and the water, you can also go up on the sand dunes.

Once you reach the top, you can see further rocks which offer great view. Again avoid standing on the edge of the rocks as there are warning signs suggesting potential falls injury.

Another beautiful view was watching sand particles slipping and falling into water, something that was bit hard to capture in the photographs and videos, so it will be worth visiting the place in person.

There is also food availability near the car park. The people serving the food were really friendly. It is preferable to carry the cash as card payment options might be limited.

Upon return from Sandy Cape towards Perth, there were few other pictures worth taking. These spots are marked with tourist signs with camera symbol on the brown information board. My personal favourite is this picture which shows the diversity of the landscape. This is the maximum zoom that my Sony bridge camera could take without losing pixels significantly.

So overall it was a good trip. The place is nice and so are the people that we came across.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2019)
Perth, Australia
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