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Castle Rock, Porongurup, Western Australia

Castle Rock, Porongurup, Western Australia

Fancy hiking and a bit of sky walk? Consider Castle Rock in Porongurup, Western Australia as a next destination for a road trip. Castle rock hiking is pretty straight forward. With a bit of fitness, exercise and daily walking, you can feel well prepared for Castle rock hiking. The total track length is marked as 2 km. Make sure you have plenty of water and hat, as depending on the weather, it might get hot.

The drive from Perth is approximately 4.5 hours, so consider leaving early morning if you are planning to do a day trip. It’s best if you have mates to take turns when driving. One important thing to remember is when you are putting directions in the navigation is that some people have got confused between Castle rock and Canal rocks, the latter is in Dunsbrough. Similarly there is a Castlerock music academy in Perth, so make sure you enter correct destination.

While climbing Castle rock, you might get to see the balancing rock. It’s unique and amazing. You can find additional information on the board next to it.

You will also come across a board which will show information about two paths; one is an easier view where you can stand and look at the surroundings. If you are not comfortable with heights, this might be worth considering. The other path is a longer and a bit more difficult path. It requires you stepping your feet over few metal bars fixed in a rock, and bending to move to another rock. Once here, you will find some more rocks with additional metal bars to climb and proceed to a ladder. The way to the skywalk is through climbing the ladder.

Castle rock is also memorable for me because of a personal story. The first time that I went there, I came across an elderly lady from Taiwanese background. She told that she comes here often because she misses her son who had taken his life due to some personal circumstances. It is always sad when people struggle to find hope and choose to go down that path. While we were talking, she asked me about my home country. I told her that I come from Pakistan. She asked if Urdu is spoken there, to which I said yes. She then told me that she has a magazine in her car which is in Urdu language, and she does not know any Urdu speakers, so if I would consider taking the magazine. In my mind, I was thinking that finding an Urdu magazine in a country town is really rare. If she has one and she wants to offer me, I will accept it as a souvenir. When we reached the car parking, she gave me that magazine which is an actual Church printed material in Urdu. I still have the magazine at my place as a memory.

Anyway, photography and the conversation took longer than anticipated and the weather turned much colder and we got to take some more beautiful pictures.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2019)
Perth, Australia
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