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Roses and thorns don’t belong together

Roses and thorns don’t belong together

The roses and thorns erupt from same seed
yet they don’t belong to the same tribe
the thorns that hurt like a knife
find only in others what that they can criticize
let not their hurtful words and actions define
your present, future and all that you can achieve
for a rose like you, the gardens await open wide
for a rose like you, let your dreams be your paradise
they’ll be your strength in hard times
today is hard but tomorrow may bring a new surprise
keep believing and growing with every sunrise
for it’s what you’re meant to be
for your potential and faith is there to make you succeed

Just because you exist next to a thorn
should not make you go wrong
the hollow thorns only try to bring others down
not knowing that roses like you are born forever strong
your strength has the power to defeat and transform
all these difficulties, thunders and temporary storm
for a rose like you, there’s hope in every dawn
for a rose like you, there’s inspiration in the morning song
keep them as your guiding stars when the night gets long
no obstacle or hurdle will stay forever around
keep your head up and let go of any doubt
with all the talent you’ve, you’ll always standout
with all your determination, there’s nothing that you can’t surmount

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2020)
Perth, Australia
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