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Benefits of using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Communication is more than needs and wants: Communication has very many functions. Sadly with people with disabilities, communication can often become unidirectional in which the focus largely shifts on following instructions, requesting...

Ingredients of Effective Communication

It is only through communication that human beings are able to convey their thoughts, ideas and opinions to others. Every successful relation is based upon how strong and effectively people in...

Tips for using Communication Devices/AAC effectively

A Communication Device/System can be so empowering for someone who is unable to communicate and share what they want to say and share, hence improving their quality of life. Here are...

Delivering effective and strong presentations

Delivering a powerful presentation that leaves an impact is an art that can easily be mastered. An effective presentation is not just dependent on how well you understand and communicate...

Book Review: Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)-Neil Shah

Disclaimer: All the copyrights belong to the respective author/s of the book. The purpose of the book summary and review is to promote the book and share some of the great...

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