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Book: The whispers of the falling rain

The whispers of the falling rain revolves around a girl who is divided between following her dreams and being inhibited by her fears, confused between selflessness and selfishness, and whether to...

Stronger than reality

It's not fiction the reality is only a fraction of distorted perception they say it's the end, they tell us it's the conclusion but what you and I believe in, is pure from any...

What Stagnates Me?

We come across many moments when we want to change our lives but very soon, we go back to our default mode without making any progress or change. In this article...

My feather dreams

Still feel the warmth, the energy, the spirit that convinces me to reach high so shall I not take a flight up in the sky spread my wings and my feathers like that of the...

Open your eyes to today’s surprise

The sun is out here smiling warmly the birds and butterflies are filling this day with beauty today brings another this chance, another opportunity to make efforts to achieve success, the...

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