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Blinded by vision

In the silence, there is peace the words are conveniently used to deceive we accept these mere sounds and start to believe no wonder life is full of moments of grief is it justice when...

Experiment, Experience and Explore

Everything in life happens for a reason. Every incident that happens has an aspect that needs to be understood or let’s say ‘decoded’. Although the perception of mind may take the...

To rain down is not to fall down

You wouldn’t be defeated if you can’t win it temporarily neither would you lose anything the way you’re thinking right now these fears are uncertainties they are the unexplored territories To...

The right feeling

So many mistakes and unforgettable regrets at times can block the vision life wants us to see much beyond and ahead it awaits us to discover with so many footsteps taken wrong so many things done...

Tomorrow Again

Fate was never written in a hap hazard and zigzag way every step that we take brings us closer  to our destination we meet no one without any purpose nothing happens without a reason life is a spiral  people...

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