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Book: Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness

Procrastination has been viewed negatively. We are told to beat and defeat procrastination, when in reality, procrastination is a natural and actually quite useful phenomena. Procrastination needs to be interpreted as...

The only 2, 3 actual problems in your life

Why life is filled with problems? We often feel that one problem has not finished yet that another seems to be around the corner. "Out of the frying pan into the...

Book Review: The 8th Habit-Stephen R.covey

Disclaimer: All the copyrights belong to the respective author/s of the book. The purpose of the book summary and review is to promote the book and share some of the great...

Happiness is what that doesn’t last long

Wish heaven and universe can bring an end to the time so I can stop and freeze all the precious moments in my life saving forever the warm emotions when it snows over...

Everyday in a new way

I'm staying up all night lying under the open sky counting the stars thinking about you that even the distance among us brings us close together every time you're away it...


Everywhere I look I find happiness, a scent of joy whispers of joys all the way I see and look I find colors flying in the wind Why do I always live in Elysium? is it something...

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