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Book: Labyrinths of life

The book "Labyrinths of life" is co-authoured by Muhammad Wasif Haq and Jarrar Alam Khan. It is an easy self help book that will help you get through tough times in...

Blinded by vision

In the silence, there is peace the words are conveniently used to deceive we accept these mere sounds and start to believe no wonder life is full of moments of grief is it justice when...

Experiment, Experience and Explore

Everything in life happens for a reason. Every incident that happens has an aspect that needs to be understood or let’s say ‘decoded’. Although the perception of mind may take the...

Reflections on Surah Rehman

While reading the Surah Rehman or the chapter of the Most Gracious in Quran, it appears that there are over 30 references to different fields of arts, science, morals, ethics and...

The aim game

All of us are blessed with energy, talent and unique potential that need to be utilized. Failure to identify and dispose off this energy leads to depression as this energy instead...

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