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No surprise breakup

"I’m not astonished on that But certainly on the way I see you crying Nothing happens so sudden There are always indications and vindication About the unfaithfulness of the people It never happens so sudden, so...

Book: The whispers of the falling rain

The whispers of the falling rain revolves around a girl who is divided between following her dreams and being inhibited by her fears, confused between selflessness and selfishness, and whether to...

Book: Borrowed from rainbow

“Borrowed From Rainbow” is a story of a Pakistani girl who is on Autism spectrum disorder who has not been diagnosed because of the lack of awareness about it in the...

Blinded by vision

In the silence, there is peace the words are conveniently used to deceive we accept these mere sounds and start to believe no wonder life is full of moments of grief is it justice when...

Stronger than reality

It's not fiction the reality is only a fraction of distorted perception they say it's the end, they tell us it's the conclusion but what you and I believe in, is pure from any...

All the delicate things break without a sound

All the things that cannot be sensed by 7 senses are the forces that govern and inspire our moves trust, love, hope and dreams are life's synonyms though delicate, yet they weigh the most though...

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