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Impacted by Coronavirus restrictions? Here’s how it’s for someone with Autism

World over we have witnessed significant changes resulting from the impact of Corona pandemic. These changes have impacted almost everyone in multiple ways; financial, social, relationships, limitations of activities and even...

Book: The whispers of the falling rain

The whispers of the falling rain revolves around a girl who is divided between following her dreams and being inhibited by her fears, confused between selflessness and selfishness, and whether to...

Blinded by vision

In the silence, there is peace the words are conveniently used to deceive we accept these mere sounds and start to believe no wonder life is full of moments of grief is it justice when...

Unpainting myself

I was painted even before I could open my eyes in colors that never belonged to me in shades that never resonated with me the mirror always portrayed a lie I was just the canvas...

How to not act with racism and discrimination

Societal integration, harmony and peace can be ensured if there is equality in the society. The concept of equality is very broad, it covers equality of law for everyone, but also...

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