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Castle Rock, Porongurup, Western Australia

Fancy hiking and a bit of sky walk? Consider Castle Rock in Porongurup, Western Australia as a next destination for a road trip. Castle rock hiking is pretty straight forward. With...

Sandy Cape, Jurien Bay, Western Australia

If you are looking for a day trip to a place picturesque, scenic and not so crowded; Sandy Cape in Jurien Bay might be worth considering. Travel from Perth will take...

Book: Stories & Glories from Pakistan & Australia

Stories and glories from Pakistan & Australia was written during my Masters' studies in Australia. I realised that there are different perceptions and opinions which are either built through our lack...

Black diamond lake, Collie, Western Australia

Another weekend, not much planned hence got on to Google maps in the hope to find a new cool place for a day trip. Black diamond lake in Coolie is almost...

Dunsborough, Western Australia

Dunsborough is almost three hours away from Perth. My favourite places to visit in Dunsborough are Sugarloaf Rock and Canal rocks. We left Perth around 5 30 am to reach Sugarloaf...

Salt water lakes, Beverly, Western Australia

Another weekend and I needed to go somewhere, away from Perth to a quiet place where I could connect to nature. This time, my friend and I decided to head up...

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